Beauty Pageant Hair- The Do’s and Don’ts

September 28, 2010 Business Girl
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One of the bigger mountains a pageant girl must climb at every competition is how to wear and style her hair. There are always different pageants that want different looks obviously, but for Calendar Girls of Indiana & natural  beauty pageants like Miss America, there are some simple do’s and don’ts to follow.


1) Spray your hair so much that a tornado couldn’t even touch its hold.

2) Tease your hair higher than your crown would sit.

3) Make it so perfectly flipped out that it looks unnatural.

4) Make a crazy up do that your crown wont sit perfectly with

5) Forget to touch up your roots if you color your hair

6) Just roll out of bed and think that it looks natural.

7) Wear jewels or barrettes. If you are crowned it will look gaudy

8) Let your bangs or hair drop into your face, judges want to see you 🙂

9) Think that you can’t curl your hair and style it without having to use a can of aqua net and a bump it.


1) Spray your bangs and hair back just enough that they wont fall in your eyes and face

2) Tease your hair just enough for volume

3) Find what works best on YOU and makes YOU feel beautiful,

4) Weather its straight or curled hair. If you curl it just keep them loose and flowing, not tight.

5) Realize it’s perfectly okay to have a low side ponytail or an up do, as long as the crown would fit and look just right with it 🙂

6) Embrace your natural hair color if you love it, don’t think you have to be bleach blonde to win

7) Try a few different hairstyles before pageant weekend, try a little of everything with your outfits so you know what you like 🙂


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